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    Automatic forklift upload Systems


    Automatic forklift upload Systems



    main features:
    1, the operation is simple, easy to use, loading efficiency;
    2, using forklifts existing hydraulic systems, motor ability;
    3, reduce operating personnel, only two persons can easily complete the loading tasks;
    4, the main components made of imported products, including rotators, hydraulic system, control systems

    and other components;
    5, according to the different loading weight,choose different rotator, loading of rotator according to the

    different requirements from 2200 @ 500 to 6800 @ 600 (kg@mm), use for the variety of standard pallet loading

    requirements. (User-customized forklifts, please tell forklift brand and model)






    pallet weight loading weight
    ALS1200 1100*1100或1200*1200 1200kg 1200kg
    ALS1400 1200*1400或1400*1400 1300kg 1600kg
    ALS1400B 1200*1400或1400*1400 1300kg 2100kg
    ALS1500 1300*1500 1400kg 1600kg
    ALS1600 1400*1600 1500kg 2100kg


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