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    Fully automatic packing machine &Equipment:


    1. Pallet storage systemTC-YPK

    2. Automatic bag system3CM-5U

    3. Automatic packingmachine

    4. Folding and sewingsystem CP4900/GK35-6

    5. Sealing conveyorTC-4035

    6. Bag-backward conveyorTC-2065D

    7. Bending conveyorTC-R1500

    8. Climbing conveyorTC-2565P

    9. Detection weightmachine TC-1065ZJ

    10. Vibrating conveyorTC-2060Z

    11. Press bag conveyorTC-2060Y

    12. Prepare stackerconveyor TC-1065D

    13. Robot palletizingIRB-460、IRB660








    Palletizing robot


    1. The Fastest speed, the IRB460 robot as an example, its tempo is up to 900 times/h.

    2. The highest rigidity, the bearing parts of robot body are cast steel, the highest body rigidity.

    Arm will not deformation under the bad environment, accuracy is not lost, long service life.

    3. Cover area small, robots can maximum save workshop area, reduce the investment and operating costs

    4. Flexibility, an ABB robot can stack four kinds of products at the same time, we just need to callout stored

    procedure for a few time, and then change stacking line at any time

    5. Energy conservation, the robot is driven by several independent motor drives, low power consumption,

    and save electricity more than RMB60, 000.00 per year.

    6. Low noise, robot has little moving parts, so the noise is very small, factory is very quiet, reflects the

    modern degree of factories.

    7. Failure rate is low, the robot's hardware is composed of several servo motors and gears, the other

    parts are cast steel, ABB can remote monitoring software and backup, so we can promise trouble-free

    work an average of 70000 hours.


    Specifications:IRB series, IRB-460, IRB660



    Robot structure: multi joint robot

    Mode of motion: Cylindrical coordinatestype

    Stacking speed: Max 1200bags/h

    Robot material: cast steel

    Matching fetching hand: consists of finger,splint, chuck, and another kind (using for various woven bag,

    paper bag,       carton,cardboard, paper tube, metal barrel, etc.).

    Loading weight: 110~ 150kg

    Stacking mode: every layer 3~6 bags, max 12layers

    Reaching distance: 2.4~2.8 m

    Protection grade: IP67

    Electric power consumption: 200~600V,50~60Hz ISOcube 3.7kw

    Weight: 750kg (excluding fetching hand)





    Belt conveyor


    Model: TC-4035

    Convey length: 4m

    Convey speed: 5-20m/min (adjusted)

    Convey belt width: 300mm

    Max convey capacity: 15bags/min

    Power Supply: 380V 50Hz 1.1kw

    Weight: 300kg



    Automatic bagging machine

    Filling way: 1 times/1 bag

    Packing material: granule

    Fill the bag material: 1) paper bag, 2) weaving bag (film), 3)plastic bags.

    Max packaging capacity: 1200 bags/h

    Filling capacity: 10 to 50 kg/bag

    The bag size (mm): user-defined

    Sealing type: 1) paper bag, stitching, hot melting adhesive tape,co corrugation; 2) plastic bag, hot melting

    The max air compressed consumption: 750nl/min

    The required power: 3kw

    Machine weight: about1300 kg


    Auto stitching/sewing machine


    Heater: 500W*8

    Total power: 5kw

    Machine dimension: L 2500 W 1090 H 2052

    Weight: about 530kg

    Stitching continue type: DS-7

    Usage: three layer flat bag, hot melting making bag, inner layersealing


    Bag-backward conveyor



    1. Induction belt conveyor

    It is belt conveyor, and automatically put down bag from standingbag with bag overturning device. Automatically induction system detected bagsin place, and then give signal to bag overturning device, bag overturning deviceoverturn bag automatically.

    2. Bag-backward device

    It is installed on the inductionconveyor, when receives signal which the induction conveyor overturn bags,automatic overturn bag, automatically overturn and reverse bag from standing tolevel. It consists of overturning bag device (pneumatic push package device), overturningbag plate, and overturning bag roller (automatic reverse effect).


    Model: TC2065D carbon steel spraying plastic

    Convey speed: 0.5m/s

    Convey belt width: 600mm


    Motor power: 0.75kw



    Climbing conveyor

    This set of system is many line combining system for workshop of many packaging position, the advantages of system is reducing worker transport links, cost savings, it has a good effect whether it is connected to palletizing robot or direct loading.Function: Climbing to meet the requirements of pallet height,belt conveyor, can be installed inkjet displaying machine and manual pallet station.


    Specification: TC2565P carbon steel spraying plastic

    Convey speed: 0.4m/s

    Climbing angle: 10°~45°

    Convey belt width: 600mm

    Motor power: 1.1kw

    Power supply: 380V 50Hz


    Weight: 200kg



    Weight detection machine

    Beltconveyor fixed on the sensor, and accurately detected the weight of the bag byconveying

    Structure and material: stainless steel

    Inspecting weight: 10-100kg

    Inspecting accuracy: ±0.1%

    Sensitivity: 10g

    Inspecting capacity: 80bags/h

    Convey speed: 0.4m/s

    Convey width: 600mm

    Motor power: 0.55kw

    Power supply: 380V 50Hz

    Weight: 350kg



    Vibrating conveyor


    Function:Irregularroller conveyor, and when material through, vibration material distributedevenly, robot fetch bag easily.


    Convey speed: 0.5m/s

    Convey belt width: 600mm

    Motor power: 0.75kw

    Power supply: 380V 50Hz


    Weight: 250kg


    Pressing bag conveyor


    Function:Beltconveyor, the adjusted height nipping machine press material bag from climbingconveyor, the material inside the bag balanced distribute, shape of bag reach packagingrequirements.

    Model: TC2060Y carbon steel spraying plastic

    Convey speed: 0.5m/s

    Convey belt width: 600mm

    Motor power: 0.75kw

    Power supply: 380V 50Hz

    Weight: 250kg



    Prepare stacking conveyor


    Function: Rollerconveyor apply its special structure, the robot arm through the bottom of bag; andmainly used for robot fetching

    Model: TC-1065D carbon steel spraying plastic

    Convey speed: 0.7m/s

    Convey belt width: 600mm

    Motor power: 1.1kw

    Power supply: 380V 50Hz

    Weight: 150kg.


    Robot palletizing system

    Palletizing storage system
    Pallet storage is anindispensable part of stacker system, whenever the pallet operation is completed,the system will automatically change to empty pallet storage. Empty pallet finished,just feel free to supplement the pallet.
    Technical parameter: 
    Capacity: 600~1500bag/h
    The total length: 7800mm
    Pallet size: (1200~1000mm)×(1200~1000mm)×150mm
    Pallet storage material adopts carbon steel with spraying plastics
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