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     By  combined  the  advantages  of  similar  products  abroad  and  the  reserrch  results  of  the  company  as  well  as  chinese  situation,  





    is  a  new  generation  product  with elaborating.It’s  performance  targets  meet  advanced  world  standard.  It  is  an  ideal  equipment  for  modern  rice  milling  enterprise. 


    Technique parameter:

    Output(t/h):    3-4  
    Power(kW):  22-37     

    Novel  design,  good  appearance,  steady  mechanical  performance 
    Equipped  with  water  pump  and  air  pump  as  well  as  automatic  water  supply  device  with  constant  temperature 
    With  current  and  negative  pressure  display,  easy  to  operate 
    With  imported  parts,  reliable  and  durable.






     is  a  new  generation  rice  polisher  integrated  professional  technology  of  many  years  and  modern  new  notion.  besides  equipped  with  current  international  brand  parts,  other  parts  are  all  manufactured  by  modern  digital  control  machining  equipment,  including  digital  control  blanking,  machining,  dynamic  balance  test  and  so  on.  so  its  mechanical  performance  is  stable  and  reliable;  its  quality  reaches  international  level;  the  product  is  more  durable.  It  is  not  only  applied  to  complete  set  of  equipment  for  rice  milling  plant  but  also  use  alone  for  rice  further  processing. 


    Technique parameter:

     Output(t/h):    3.5-5  
     Power(kW):  55     

     The  application  of  combining  high  wearable  polishing  cylinder  with  multirib  and  subsection  structure  and  subsection  sieve  with  many  specifications  meets  technological  requirements  of  various  type  of  rice  polishing.  polished  rice  has  high  degree  and  becomes  lucent  on  its  surface,  less  broken  rice  increment. 
     By  using  world’s  notable  brand  of  flow  meter  with  metal  rotor  ,  operation  is  sensitive,  stable  and  easy  to  adjust.  larger  scope  of  flow  control  ensures  mutilposition  high  pressure  spray,  keeping  watering  uniform  and  spraying  sufficient,  thereby  making  polishing  effect  stable  all  the  time  and  easy  to  operate  at  the  same  time. 
     The  application  of  air  gate  adjustment  device  and  imported  negative  pressure  meter  ensures  that  whole  polishing  processing  is  carried  out  under  the  condition  of  negative  pressure  of  quantification,  thereby  having  stable  and  controllable  polishing  effect. 
     With  imported  key  components  such  as  level  gauge,  solenoid  valve,  digital  display  amperemeter  and  etc.  ,  make  the  control  of  polishing  easy,  reliable,  quick  and  legible,  having  high  automation.






    is a new type product integrated professional technology of many years and modern new notion of polishing. Equipped with international brand parts, the machine has big capacity, convenient operation, stable performance and reliable. It is not only applied to complete set of equipment for rice milling plant but also use alone for rice further processing.


    Technique parameter:


    Power(kw): 75

    Large output and high efficiency. 4.5 ~ 6.5 tons / hour by one machine,  while reaching 6 to 8 tons / hour by double.
    The application of combining high wearable polishing cylinder with multirib and subsection structure and subsection sieve with different specifications meets technological requirements of various type of rice polishing. Polished rice has high degree and becomes lucent on its surface, less broken rice increment.
    Large scope of flow control ensures mutilposition high pressure spray, keeping watering uniform and spraying sufficient, thereby making polishing effect stable all the time and easy to operate at the same time.
    The application of intelligent ammeter ,air gate adjustment device and imported negative pressure meter ensures that whole polishing processing is carried out under the condition of negative pressure of quantification thereby having stable and controllable polishing effect.
    With well-designed screen brackets, easy maintenance, easy disassembly, raising work efficiency.










    Double rolls rice polisher is large-scale high-yield equipment, well-designed and manufactured on base of years of professional technology of research and development of rice polishing machine and integrated new notion and new standard of green rice and health. With double rolls of up and down structure,  the machine features big capacity, covering small required area,compact structure and easy to operate. It is the best upgrading solution for modern branding, scaling for rice company to meet the need of deep - processing production.



    Technique parameter


    power(kw): 75-90




    The polishing chamber of the machine is compact, and the double roller in the same operation surface can be directly interchangeable by means of taking down screen bracket . The replacement process is convenient and quick to meet the requirements of different rice polishing.
    The application of newly designed polishing roller in pieces, with smooth surface and wear resistance, good polishing effect, high yield, less increase, both meets the requirements of rice polishing process and effectively prevents bran ball to stick to the surface of polishing roller;


    The use of automatic components such asprecision flowmeter, intelligent ammeter, temperature controller, negativepressure meter , with multi-position automatic constant temperature and highpressure air spray device and throttle adjustment device, makes the control of polishing process is simple and reliable, fast and clear, of high degree ofautomation, to ensure that the stability of the polishing effect controls inthe best condition;

    The machine is equipped with pneumatic feedgate and with fine adjustment mechanism, door switching fast, accurate and sensitive;










    CMG Series rice polisher With the layout of parallel double cylinders, CMG 16X2 rice polishers feature such strong point as large capacity,high polishing degree and few broken rice . 

    The user can be flexible to adjust the process in accordance with the actual needs of production.  Owing to high cost-effective the machine meets the requirements of various type of rice milling plant.


    Technique parameter:




    The machine consists of two sets of the polishing system (dual-motor, dual-control system),which can be independently controlled,compact structure, small required area.

    According to the actual needs of production, flexible to adjust the working conditions of the twin-cylinder.

    Newly designed combined polishing cylinder, whose surface with a special treatment, is smooth and wear-resistant, long useful life. Together with wear-resistant screens with different types , polished rice turn to the higher grade, moreover less broken rice increment , larger output,more bright and white surface, completely able to meet the needs of different grain type in rice polishing   process .
    The use of multi-positional spray devices, with multi-directional throttle control ensures the best polishing effect.
    The assembly of twin-cylinder can be commonly exchanged to facilitate maintenance.








    CM5000S × 2 double rolls rice polisher is a new type product integrated years of professional technology and experience in R & D and production and modern new notion of polishing of bright and white.  With double rolls of up and down structure, using parallel and in series method technically, the machine features  big capacity ( 5 - 6 tons / hour for one machine while  6-7 tons/ hour for multi-machine), compact structure and covering small required area. The length of polishing roll is 1.2m (parallel) or 2.4 m ( in seriesl), rice becoming white and bright, less broken rice and rice bran.It is deal polishing equipment for branding, modernized large-scale rice company.


    Technique parameter:

    Power(kw):  75

    compact structure and covering small required area.
    Polishing parts are made of the food-grade stainless steel, sanitation, and durable,polished rice becoming white and light .
    Suitable for long-grain rice and short-grain rice polishing.For the rice each season in Northeast China, it can maintain long-term stable production and reduce the rice bran .
    Both using in series and parallel with one machine, when demand of capacity of 5-7t/h, using in series, while 8-10t/h, parallel and more than one machine better.


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