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    Batch type reirculating grain dryer

    The user can choose the suitable rice huskfurnace and cooperate 4-8 drying machine according to the drying quantity


    Low cost, high efficiency and energysaving;  Rice husk is a free energysource, and the cost of drying is only 1/4-1/6, which is much lower than thatof drying grain in the sun.


    The drying effect is good, clean,environmental protection; The  indirecthot  air drying,  with out  pollution to  rice.  The traditional fuel burning heating, will producecarcinogenic tar in the combustion process to  contaminate grain,corrode drying machines and buildings, harm to health and safety.


    Making waste profitable;  to convert organic waste into utilizableresources  Each 100 kg of paddy can  produce about 20 kg  of rice husk. If handled improperly, it willcause serious secondary pollution. Converted into heat, 10 tons of rice husk, canbe  used to  dry about 25 to 30 tons  of paddy,  and burning  ashes can  also be treated  as industrial heat insulator, organic fertilizer or agricultural media, etc..


    High degree of automation, full automatic;

    Equipped with online moisture meter, graintemperature sensor, fault alarm, full grain alarm, overload alarm, thermalrelay, hot air temperature  sensor, overload protection device  and earth leakage protection device,microcomputer control, full

    automatic, simple and convenient operation,




    The drying process is scientific andreasonable, and effect is the best;


    By  alow-temperature  drying  and natural cooling tempering drying  method(drying temperingdrying tempering), short heating time and long tempering   time ,  effectively protect  grain  quality. Grain  temperature  does not  exceed 35 degrees, maximallyreducing the crack rate and broken rate to get the best drying effect and leastbroken.


    The feeding  is  forced dispersion  by dispersing device,  quantitative feedstock  by  feeding valve  and circulated. Dryinglayers  use  steel plates with  apertures to layering guide to form thin materiallayer,  multi air channel,  large area and big air volume with Inclinedflow type high efficiency blower, effectively guaranteeing  grain drying  in low temperature, uniform and rapid ,  which can improve  the drying rate and also ensure  the driedgrains in the normal temperature state, quality  excellent.


    High degree of automation, easy andconvenient operation;


    Equipped with on-line moisture instrument,microcomputer control, full automatic device, it can automaticlly monitor hot air, grain  temperature  and moisture and has  functions  of fault  automatic alarm,  automatic cycle, automatic feeding, automatic shutdown and so on.  Operation is simple and convenient.  Drying grain moisture content can be automaticlly detected to avoid excessive orinsufficient drying and ensure dryed grain moisture uniformity for long-termsafe storage.


    Strong and durable, long service life


    The structure adopts negative pressuresuction, little dust, low noise, and stainless steel plates are wear resistanceand corrosion resistance, for long-term use. Big auger  made of  special materials  has  functions of slow speed, not to hurt paddy,good abrasion resistance and long service life.





    With automatic  control  of  therice husk feeding,  heat energy can beeasily improved, working in with single or more drying  machine. LCD  screen display ofman-machine  interface and  computer control, has the functions of operation setting, operation control andmonitor.  rice husks coming in and ashesout can all achieve full-automation,  aslong as press the auto combustion button, it began to automatic combustion operation, to realize intelligentautomatic control of rice husk combustion stove.


    Multiple security  design  With stall test(magic eye),  the rmal  relay, press ure  switch,  abnormal overheating  display, automatic  temperature control,  automatic  heat exhaust, pressure exhaust, full  material  alarm, abnormal indication, abnormal fault interlock, security cable, controlfuse, ensure safe operation.


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