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    Aquatic Feed Extruder
    Suitable for extruding of submersible/floating aquatic feed, pet feed, omamental fish feed and so on, The pellet size about diameter 6-16mm;

    Flat-bottomed scraper mechanism and feeder controlled by transducer make sure that the materials can be fed evenly and constantly;
    The DDC conditioner can make the materials have fully gelatinizationof starch, which is brought about by a combination of steam and mechanical shear/mixing, the materials may remain in the condition for a time over 180s;

    All of the parts which are directly in cotnact with the materials are made of stainless steel;

    Screw sleeve adopts jacket construction, which can be injected in with hot steam or cooling water, thus the extrudeing temperature can be controlled effectively, Also the steam and water can be directly injected into the extruding chamber through  special mechanism;
    Removable cuttingmehanism use knives with good elasticity, which attach to the die plate tenderly and can be regulated in six directions, can be operated quickly and simply, the transducer-controlled rate regular can easily control the pellet size of the products;
    Main bearing box structure adopts special design, with SKG bearing inside.
    Variable configurtions of screw bolts can math the producing demands for different formulas and raw materials;
    Screw bolts and dies are processed through vaccum quench treatment, also be proessed with high proessing precision and have a long using longevity;
    All the operating parts like steam valves etc adopt the humanization design, in order to facilitate actual operation electric equipped;

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