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    XMZD INTENSIVE HORIZONTAL SCOURER-We provide full solution of

    Grain And Oil EPC project from A to Z Turnkey Line from 100 TPD to 5000TPD






    XMZD series vibration bran beating machine is used for corn flour mill, coarse grain powder, feed

    factory, it can also screen beer pollen far hops processing.



    Flour material screening and bran flour with adhesive properties of material screening, can also be used as a


    common beating machine.



    Carbon steel and stainless steel versions can meet the requirements of food hygiene in the production



    XMZD vibration bran beating machine is the core host of the processing process of the mill

    XMZD vibration bran beating machine it contains a number of simic patent technology



    Personalized selection


    There are two models of XMZD full vibration bran beating machine, XMZD5012 and


    You can choose different models flexibly according to different process and capacity.






    Strong screening capacity: specially designed vibration device, so that the whole screen

    body in high frequency stable vibration, can improve the screening efficiency of the system

    and increase the output, improve the screening throughput;


    Quick screen replacement: designed for quick screen replacement, the whole screen can

    be quickly replaced and adjusted to reduce downtime,


    3. Good hygiene: the stainless steel version better meets high standards of food safety;


    4. Low-maintenance design: The low-maintenance design reduces maintenance

    time and costs;


    Simple and easy maintenance: the wide overhaul door can be upturned design, easy

    to disassemble, convenient for operators to repair and maintain the equipment;

    6. Quick opening of drive end facilitates quick change and belt adjustment;





    We are leading Integrated flour mill engineering equipment manufacture in China, Inquiry us if

    you need high standard Full Auto Flour Mill Line from 100-5000 tons per a day.







    XMZD INTENSIVE HORIZONTAL SCOURER-We provide full solution of Grain And Oil EPC project from A to Z Turnkey Line from

    100 TPD to 5000TPD



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