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    Wheat washing machine
    Wheat washing machine
    Automatic intelligent energy-saving wheat washing machine
    Name: Automatic intelligent energy-saving wheat washing machine:
    Model: Smart
    1. Ensure that the water content of the net wheat into the warehouse is balanced, according to the moisture required
          for run wheat, it can be automatically detected online after washing
          Wheat moisture and the ideal moisture required to automatically replenish the wheat into the warehouse.
    2. Water consumption is low, and the average water consumption of washing a ton of wheat is about 200 kg.
    3. Less sewage, easy to treat. Can meet the requirements of environmental protection.
    4. Small size, small footprint, saving construction costs.
    5. Low power consumption, hourly output of less than 15 tons only requires 7.5 kilowatts of power, hourly output of less
          than 30 tons only;    
          Requires 15 kilowatts of power, which is particularly power-efficient.
    6. Effectively improve the working environment, no dirt and odor, convenient for civilized production.
    ITEM  /MODEL      40*15                    
    WASHING ROLLER SPEED(r/m) 245-250 rotation/m
    BEATER SPEED (r/m) 840-850 rotation/m
    POWER OF MOTOR (kw) 7.5KW
    CAPACITY DUPLEX TYPE(t/h) 20-25 tons/hour
    CAPACITY SINGLE TYPE(t/h) 10-12 tons/hour
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