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    Air-Recycling Aspirator

    Air-Recycling Aspirator




    Product Category : Grain Cleaning


    The air-recycling aspirator is mainly used for granular materials cleaning in grain storage, flour,


    feed, pharmaceutical, oil, food, brewing and other industries. The air-recycling aspirator can


    separate low density impurities and granular materials (such as wheat, barley, paddy, oil, corn,


    etc.) from grain.




    The air-recycling aspirator adopts closed cycle air form, so the machine itself has the function


    of removing dust. This can save other dust removal machines. And due to it doesn't


    exchange air with the outside world, therefore, it can avoid the loss of heat, and doesn't pollute


    the environment.












    The material falls onto the material balancing plate and accumulates a certain thickness,


    to prevent the fresh air flowing into the aspiration channel.



    Low density impurity following with air from aspiration channel flows into the separation


    area when the material flows into the aspiration channel. The separation effect can be


    adjusted by the adjusting plate.




    The separated low density impurity enters into the separating cylinder following with


    circulating airflow. Under the influence of separating cylinder, the low density impurity


    will be separated from airflow and fall into the dust collecting chamber. And then the


    low density impurity enters into the screw conveyor airlock guided by the collecting


    screw conveyor at the lower part of the collection chamber and then discharged by


    the screw conveyor airlock. 



    The fan sucks the purified air and returns it to the aspiration


    through the return channel.The purified material is directly entering into the outlet


    hopper. The pressure valve is opened under the influence of the gravity of the


    material, then the material is discharged and enters into the next process.

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