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    30Q Buckwheat Dehulling Machine Buckwheat Seed Dehuller



    30Q Buckwheat Seed Machine


    Buckwheat Dehuller



    1. High dehulling rate and low energy consumption.

    2. Double-sand table structure.

    3. Paten Number: ZL 2010 2 0689475.3


    Buckwheat seeds dehulling machine introduction:


    30Q buckwheat seeds dehulling machine is a kind of equipment that can separate 


    buckwheat seeds and hulls completely. And this machine has applied for the national patent. 

    30Q buckwheat seeds dehulling machine has various models. It can dehull buckwheat seeds


    100-120kg per hour.

    Paten Number: ZL 2010 2 0689475.3 



    Buckwheat seeds dehulling machine application:


    1. It can damage the bonding strength between the seed hull and the kernels and


         realize separation to improve buckwheat seeds products value.


    2. It is the core equipment in buchwheat seeds dehulling and processing area. 




    Buckwheat seeds dehulling machine working principle and features:


    30Q buckwheat seeds dehulling machine is the most advanced buckwheat seeds



    dehuller. We have established cooperation relationship with many enterprises. 


    To solve the problem of low dehulling rate and high energy consumption and



    buckwheat seeds kernels structure damaging, TTKS series of buckwheat seeds



    dehulling machine adopts double-sand table structure.




    The material is cleaned and classified first, and then enters into the buckwheat 



    seeds dehulling machine.



    Buckwheat seeds enter into the space between the upper and lower grinding


    wheels through the feeding port. Then the emery blade cuts and rubs the seeds


    hull continuously under the effect of the rotary grinding wheel so as to damage


    the bonding strength between the seeds hull and the kernels and realize separation. 



    Application in buckwheat processing line:









    30Q*4 Buckwheat Dehuller Buckwheat Shelling Machine



    Features:1.High hulling ratio with less broken rate 2.Clearance
    between emery roll can be adjusted
    30Q*4 Buckwheat Dehuller Buckwheat Shelling Machine:
    This series of buckwheat
    dehuller is improved by our company based on Japanese technology;
    High hulling and kernel production ratio.
    with less brokens;
    Clearance between emery roll can be adjusted, which ensures optimized
    hulling efficiency.
    Rated voltage
    Rated Voltage(V)
    buckwheat dehuller
    A, Cleaning Section: 
    before buckwheat processing, we need to clean stones, dust, sand and other impurities.
    The cleaning, technology: twice cleaning, twice destoning, once magnetic separation,
    and auxiliary wind power dedusting. 

    The detailed cleaning procedures: 
    bucket elevator-efficient vibrating sifter and vertical air
    suction duct- magnetic separator- gravity destoner- bucket elevator- flat rotary sieve-
    destoner-net buckwheat.
    B. Hulling and kernel processing
    Buckwheat material enters into double-bin plansifter by elevator and is classified into
    6 grades.Each grade of material enters into respective buckwheat hulling machine
    which can hull the buckwheat and clean the buckwheat surface dust and microorganism
    meanwhile. After hulling section, buckwheat enters into 3 sets of double-bin plansifters
    for classifying.
    Color sorting technology: twice color sorting:
    color sorter separates and selects buckwheat rice by color difference to improve products
    purity. After color sorting section, the buckwheat rice can be directly packaged as end
    products, or enters into milling section for flour milling.
    C. Flour milling section:
    buckwheat kernels and smashed buckwheat kernels can enter into milling section
    and be grinded
    by fine powder grinder to produce buckwheat flour. There are 4-5 stock bins, which
    can prepare grain flour products with different nutrition-allocated proportions.
    D. End products and by-products packaging:
    Different packing methods for end products and by-products: buckwheat rice and
    buckwheat flour adopts electronic quantitative packing machine to package due to large
    yield, while impurities and dust adopts machinery packing cabinet to package considering
    from the yield and products features.
    Technological design introduction for pneumatic transmission and dust removal
    by ventilation:
    Fine powder and light sundries adopt sealing negative pressure wind transmission. High
    pressure blower is equipped with new TY series, and medium and low pressure blower
    adopts 4-72 series. Dedusting system and the high pressure wind net are both equipped
    with new type of pulse dust collectors.
    Processing capacity: 20t- 500t:
    Raw grain moisture ≤ 14%

    End products quality index:

    A. Buckwheat rice yield rate≥ 60%

    B. Buckwheat flour yield rate≥70%

    1. Granularity: 100 mesh
    2. Sand content: ≤0.02
    3. Magnetism metals g/kg≤0.003
    4. Moisture%≤13.5%
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