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    Cowpea Peeling Machine Cowpea flour mill machines


    Cowpea Peeling Machine Cowpea Peeler







    Cowpea peeling machine can remove cowpea beans  skin and produce grade peeled cowpea beans


    kernels. Cowpea beans  provides special support for digestive tract health, and particularly our colon.


    The indigestible fraction (IF) in cowpea beans  has recently been shown to be larger than the IF in


    either lentils or chickpeas. Under many circumstances, we need to peel cowpea beans  to improve


    cowpea beans edible value.



    Cowpea peeling machine uses high-speed rotating emery roller to cut and rub the cowpea cortex


    continuously, and the process destroys the bonding strength between cowpea endosperm and


    cowpea embryo, which can produce qualified peeled cowpeas. It has highly efficient air suction


    chamber inside to collect the bean cortex from peeling process. The bean peeling rate can reach


    95% above. Cowpea peeling machine is composed of charging device, spiral conveyor, peeling


    chamber, transmission gear, aggregate bin, discharge device and dust catcher.Cowpea peeling


    machine can work independently as a single machine and also can work in the processing plant


    which consists of other sections, such as cowpea cleaning, destoning, brushing, cowpea flour


    milling and so on.


    cowpea peeling machine



    Cowpea peeling machine technical parameter: (Letter A means external air


    blower. Letter B means internally installed air blower)



    Cowpea Peeling and Flour Milling Plant


    Cowpea peeling and flour milling plant can process cowpea by cleaning,


    peeling, milling and packaging. Cowpea peeling and flour milling plant consists


    of cowpea cleaning machine, cowpea peeling machine, cowpea milling machine


    and cowpea packaging machine. From cowpea peeling and flour milling plant,


    we can get peeled cowpea kernels, cowpea grits and cowpea flour.


    Cowpea peeling and flour milling plant working process:

    1. Bean cleaning section: it adopts two screening sections, two destoning sections,


       one magnetic separation section, and removes the big, small and light impurities,


       pebbles and magnetic material from the beans to ensure the quality of the


       end products.

    2. Bean color sorting section: it adopts the color sorter to separate the moldy kernels,


       shriveled beans and foreign species of beans according to the color and luster


       feature of the beans.


    3. Bean peeling section: it adopts peeling, brushing and shunting technology


       (it can utilize the segregation valve to choose peeling and brushing according to


       the material character.)

    1)Peeling: it can peel the bean bran and separate and collect it by effective


          aspiration system;

    2)Brushing: it can separate the micro bran and dust which adheres to the


        material surface.


    4. Grading section: it adopts different screens and classify the material into


        different grades according to the size.


    5. Bean kernel making and grits milling section: it adopts the technology of


      three peeling  sections, one grits making section, grading and suspension.


    1)Peeling section: it can peel the bean bran and separate and collect it by


       effective  aspiration system and produce whole peeled kernels;


    2) Bean grits making section: it uses fine bean grits machine and mill beans

        into bean grits;

    3) Bean kernels and bean grits grading section: it adopts different screens


        and classifies bean kernels or bean grits into different grades according


         to the size.


    4)Suspension: it separates bean bran by utilizing airflow according to different


        material gravity.

    6. Bean flour milling section: it adopts the technology of burdening, several


        processes of  grinding and screening and grading.


    1)Burdening: it can mix different material according to different requirements


          for different products;


    2)Grinding: it can grind or mill the beans into fine bean flour by the professional


         bean grinder;


    3)Screening: it separates the bean flour.


         Soy flour and grits enhance the nutrition and texture of products. Available


         in a variety of granulations, soy flour and grits have multiple uses, including


          extending the freshness and shelf-life of many foods.

    7. Measuring and packaging section: storage can reduce the amount of labor used.


         Measuring can be artificial or electronic.




    Cowpea peeling and flour milling plant technical parameter:



    Power (kw)

    Power Consumption(kw/h)



      Workshop Dimension(l*w*h/m)





    10*4*4 (steel structure)





    16*5*5 (steel structure)





    20*5*5 (steel structure)





    20*5*7 (steel structure)





    30*5*7 (steel structure)

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