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    Heavy Duty Pre Clean Combination Sifter -LAKK(TAS 206-6 COMBINATION SIFTER


    Heavy Duty Pre Clean Combination Sifter 200 Tons Per Hour








    For any grain and other bulk processing plant, conditioning and cleaning are

    key steps.

    Its purpose is to extend the shelf life of food and improve product quality.

    This step can prevent pests and diseases, optimize the processing flow and

    enhance product reliability.



    Application field:


    XMTS type combination cleaning sieve is a high-end grain cleaning equipment,


    application and wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn, rice, soybean, high grain and other


    cereals secondary cleaning. Suitable for wharf grain storage and logistics, flour


    factory, rice factory, oil factory, grain depot, wine and other industries. XMTS


    combined cleaning sieve combined with Symex's XMCQ primary cleaning sieve


    will be the best solution for grain cleaning.







    High quality grain cleaning: equipped with high density screen, longer contact time

    between material and screen. This helps to completely separate impurities from

    grains and materials.


    Gentle plane rotation of the screen also helps to completely remove impurities.

    It can be easily sampled at the pipe flap to check material quality Improve the purity

    and quality of the material: it can remove the pollutants on the surface of the grain,

    improve the purity of the material and ensure the quality is reliable, and meet the

    legal requirefients of food safety and health.



    Intelligent airflow: Grain cleaning machine has two large air sorting settling

    chamber, can make light particles fall into the bottom of the air sorting settling

    chamber. These particles are then discharged from the machine by the

    unloading crane. This helps keep the filter clean and prevents the screen

    from becoming clogged with dust and particles.



    Easy maintenance and quick replacement all screens are fixed to a

    sturdy metal frame. The rubber ball moves around the screen while

    the machine is running to keep the screen clean. You can easily and

    quickly change the screen through the front screen box door. The

    screen is fixed only under the pressure of the screen box door

    Therefore, you do not need to loosen the screw during replacement.



    Large output, small footprint. Stable operation and less maintenance.

    Optional equipment models include


    These devices are ideally suited for storing grain and bulk storage silos,

    harbors, flour, rice processing plants, seed processing plants and breweries.


    Safety devices such as vibration monitors on the screen box prevent system


    · A large number of punched sieve plates in a compact space with proven flat

    swivel technology ensure high throughput while requiring less space.



    · XMTS HEAVY DUTY COMBINED SCREEN SIFTER series equipment is developed

    24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet production capacity maximization needs.



    · Rubber-ball cleaning systems that have been used in practice keep the perforated

    screen reinforced with steel reinforcement clean.


    · The cleaning screen is optionally available with a special liner to provide the best

    possible protection against wearing parts and to reduce operating noise.




    Easy to adjust the air volume

    · The air volume regulator fitted to the unit, along with a vertical screen with cross-

    sectional view windows, adjusts the air flow at any time depending on the material

    to ensure optimum cleaning.

    · In addition, the double suction at the inlet and outlet ensures the best cleaning.










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