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    Roller Mill for Wheat Maize Flour Milling Factory


    Roller Mill for Wheat Maize Flour Milling Factory







    Commercial Grain Industrial


    Roller Mill for Wheat Maize Flour Milling Factory Hasen Products











    1. Purpose and scope of application:

    This machine is the main machine of flour milling equipment in medium and small flour mills. It is mainly


    used for grinding wheat, corn, sorghum, etc. It is also suitable for crushing raw materials in wineries.


    The machine has a stable gauge adjustment mechanism, not only suitable for short powder road production


    line, but also suitable for long powder road production.



    2. Main specifications and technical parameters:


    The machine is a medium and large -sized series of grinding mills, according to the length of the roller


    parameters are divided into: 600, 800, 1000, 1250mm Single deck and double deck roller mill, Double deck


    with 8 rollers.













    3. Structural features:



    1. The roller is horizontally arranged to facilitate the material entering the gap of the grinding roller.



    2. The upper steel plate is used to weld the lower cast iron bearing. The grinding roll group is installed


    on the cross beam of the lower cast iron frame. The grinding stress is closed and self-supporting, which


    is beneficial to the stability of the rolling distance and the reduction of noise.


    3. It has unique structure of grinding roller clutch, convenient operation and good stability.


    4. The machine has a unique roller bearing structure, reliable positioning, stable operation, and can


    achieve rapid roll change.


    5, the fast and slow roller adopts three wheel gear wedge belt drive with rectifying device.


    6. It has a grinding chamber suction device and can also mill down the self flow discharge.


    7. Seven speed ratios between fast and slow rollers can be obtained by changing the belt wheels of fast


    and slow rollers to meet the technological requirements of different users.


    8. The whole machine is a fully enclosed lifting and turning four-piece housing. The motor is placed in


    the housing. The structure is compact, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is safe and reliable.






    4. The working principle of the main structure is:


    (1) The working principle of the transmission system:

    1. The motor drives the big triangle pulley 2 through the triangle pulley 1, then drives the slow roller


    drive after passing the fast roller pulley 3, the slow roller pulley 4 and the tension pulley 5, realizes


    the main movement of the grinding roller. The 7 speed ratios of different process requirements can


    be obtained by replacing the speed roller belt 3 and 4. Various speed ratios are shown in Table 2.



    2.The feed roller 8, the tension wheel 9, the feed roller triangle pulley 10 on the slow roller shaft are


    transferred to the front feed roller (shunt roll) by the claw clutch 11, and then the rear roll (quantitative roll)


    is driven by the single-sided synchronous toothed belt and the pulley 6 and 7. To change the speed of the


    feed roller, only the triangle pulley 10 and the triangle belt need to be replaced, and the feed pulley is





    See Table 3 for details.



    Roller mill is used to break and crush the wheat and it is one of the most important machines in a flour mill.



    Other name: wheat grain roller mill grain grinder grain grinding machine flour milling industry machine flour


    mill rolls.






    - Cast iron structure can minimize vibration and noise.


    - Equipped with SKF (Sweden) roller bearings to make sure stable running


    - There are two series of roller mills. One is pneumatic control (MMQ) and the other is electrical control (MME).


    The main difference is the feeding roll of MMQ series is driven by pneumatic components while MME series


    by one small motor.




    - Widely used for processing common wheat, buckwheat, durum wheat, maize, rye, barley, spelt, millet


    and sorghum.




    Technical Data-Pneumatic control:


    wheat grain roller mill grain grinder grain grinding machine flour milling industry machine flour mill rolls







    For Example: 150 tons per day wheat flour mill machine line :



    The parameter for 150T/D Wheat Flour Mill Machine



    1  Total length of the roller 1000mm
    2 Capacity(wheat/24h) 150T/24h
    3 Flour extraction To produce standard flour: 75-82%
    To produce grade 2 flour: 70 -75%
    To produce grade 1 flour: 60-65%
    4 Flour quality:  Obey the people's republic of china's GB1355-88 standard
    5 Power supply  




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