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    TQSF Series Gavity Destoner in Wheat Maize Flour Mill Plant

    TQSF Series Gravity Destoner in Wheat Maize Flour Mill Plant





    TQSF Series Gavity Destoner in Wheat Maize Flour Mill Plant


    Our TQSF series Gavity Destoner is typically suitable for separating high density materials like stone,


    metal, glass, etc. from grain flows of wheat, rye, corn, oat, buckwheat, barley, or millet. Additionally,


    this kind of separating machine has also been used in the brewing industry and ethanol production




    - The sieve box which is normally equipped with two-layer sieves is supported by hollow rubber springs


    and is caused to oscillate by one or two vibrators depending on machine execution.

    - The grain is spread by a feeder across the entire width of the machine, and then the product stream is


    stratified on the pre-separation screen according to its specific gravity by the oscillating motion of the


    screen and by the air flowing through the product from bottom to top. The light particles collect at the


    top, and the heavy ones including the stones at the bottom.

    - The lower layer with the heavy particles flows upward and is fed to the final separation zone of the


    bottom de-stoning screen. Final separation of the stones from the grain is accomplished by a countercurrent


    of air.

    - The stone-free product streams on the two screens float on cushions of air, flowing slowly toward the


    product outlet, and then are discharged through the squeezed rubber valves.

    - To achieve the optimum degree of separation, the inclination of the screens, the air volume and final


    separation can be adjusted accordingly.






















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