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    Horizontal Wheat Scourer for Wheat Maize Flour Milling Plant



           Horizontal Wheat Scourer for Wheat Maize Flour Milling Plant



    The horizontal wheat scourer is particularly suitable for cleaning wheat. The drum sieve


    of the scourer is welded and manufactured with quality stainless steel, whereas the


    beating plate is made with high-quality carbon steel.



    It is used in the first/second cleaning processes in order to remove the dust hiding in the


    groove which is on the surface of wheat. In addition, the soil block and scurf grain can be


    also beaten into small scrap completely. All the tiny impurities which have been separated


    and removed after the beating process are separated by the cambered shape sieve. The


    fine wheat has a lower broken ratio compared to the beating result of other scourers. This


    wheat scourer is also equipped with a de-dusting system to clean the wheat


    surface properly.









    The FDMW series horizontal wheat scourer is developed for the grain cleaning process in


    flour mills. It makes use of mechanical strike and rubbing effect to remove dust, silt, husks,


    worms, wheat beard, microorganisms and other foreign matters adhered to the grain surface,


    and it could break clods, cinders,insects, shriveled wheat kernels as well as other matters


    whose strength is lower than that of wheat into small particles and then remove these particles


    away. Moreover, the remaining sterile lemmas are also separated. In this way, ash content of


    the unprocessed wheat is cut down, resulting in improved color, reduced ash and sand content


    of the flour. After every wheat scouring process, the ash content should be reduced by 0.02%


    or higher, and the wheat fragment increment should be not over 0.5%.




    Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)
    FDMW40×100 5-8 5.5 650 2100×920×1680
      FDMW40×100×2 8-16 11 1300  2100×1200×1680
    FDMW40×150 8-12 7.5 750 2600×920×1680
    FDMW40×150×2 12-25 15 1500  2600×1200×1680





    Horizontal Wheat Scourer Structure



    The machine is composed of a frame, a body, an inlet, an air outlet, a sieve tube, a rotor, 


    a transmission, a dust outlet, a maintenance door, and so on.




    The transmission mechanism is arranged under the body, making full use of the space


     and having a tensioning device to adjust the tension of the triangle belt.


    A dense straight, with a certain inclination axis into spiral  arrangement.



    Applications Our product is not only applicable for wheat, but also fits for oats if equipped


    with proper rotor and screen jacket.



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