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    High Efficiency Hot Sale Wheat Cleaning Machine FFPD Bran Brusher



    High Efficiency Wheat Cleaning Machine FFPD Bran Brusher 







    TSM series brushing machine is mainly used in flour mills to clean the residual gray surface


    of wheat, brush off the cracked epidermis, wheat germ and so on. Since the machine uses


    a cylinder (360 degree sieve cylinder), the screening efficiency is high.


    The machine has the characteristics of compact and simple structure, light and flexible,


    convenient operation and good process effect, and is an ideal skin processing device.




    Structure and working principle


    1, the main structure

    The machine is a horizontal spiral brushing machine, which is mainly composed of organic shell,


    rotor, brush plate,sieve cylinder and transmission.


    (1) The casing is mainly made of 4 mm steel plate bent and welded. The top of the casing has a


    feeding port and a suction port. There is a discharge port at the tail, and a ash outlet at the lower


    part. The left and right sides of the casing have doors. Open the door and fold the screen.


    (2) The rotor is mainly composed of a main shaft and a brush plate. The spindle is provided with


    an adjustable angle brush plate supported by the left and right bearings on the casing. During


    operation, the rotor rotates at a high speed in the cavity formed by the screen cylinder.


    (3) The transmission device is at the feeding end of the machine, and the transmission system


    is mainly composed of a motor, a V-belt pulley and a V-belt. The motor is mounted on the


    adjustable bracket, and the V-belt is tightened by adjusting the bracket to ensure the stability


    of the rotor speed and extend the service life of the V-belt. The transmission part is provided


    with a protective cover.


    2, working principle

    The material is fed from the feed port to allow the material to enter the brushing zone. The 


    brush plate on the rotor rotating at high speed strongly rubs the wheat to achieve separation


    of the material. At the same time, the brush plate on the rotor pushes the wheat to the outlet


    end while wiping the wheat. The separated dust forms the undersize, and the undersize is


    discharged from the bottom ash outlet.







    Detail description





    FFPD30*1 FFPD30*2 FFPD 45*1 FFPD 45*2        
    Capacity (t/h)   0.9 2*0.9 1.5 2*1.5
    Power(kw) 2.2 2*2.2 5.5 2*5.5
    Weight 220 440 320 640
    DimensionLDH mm 1319*520*1350 1319*1016*1350 1685*625*1575 1685*635*1575     




    After-sales service


    We provide a turnkey project of flour machienry, includin special design, installation, 


    commissioning and training workers. 


    We have installed many flour production line in the word, mostly in Africa and the 


    Middle East. You can go to our web browsing photos.



    All of our new equipment to contain one year free spare parts, and Quality


     guarantee period of one year.



     At the same time our company will carry on the lifelong service to our product.

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