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    Most Advanced 50-3000 Tons Per Day Integrated Wheat Maize Flour Milling Machine Line compelete Sets


    Most Advanced 50-3000 Tons Per Day

    Integrated Wheat Maize Flour Milling Machine Line



    The Flour Mill Equipment of 120 tons per day compact wheat flour milling machinery are

    designed and installed together with the steel structure support.

    The main support structure is made of three levels:

    the roller mills are located on the ground floor, the sifters are installed on the first floor,

    the cyclones and pneumatic pipes are on the second floor.

    The materials from the roller mills are lifted by pneumatic transferring system. Enclosed pipes are

    used for ventilation and de-dusting.

    Workshop height is relatively low to reduce customers' investment. The milling technology can be

    adjusted to satisfy customers' different requirements.

    Optional PLC control system can realize central control with high degree of automation and make

    operation easier and flexible. Enclosed ventilation can avoid dust spill to keep high sanitary working

    condition. The whole mill can be compactly installed in a warehouse and designs can be customized

    as per different requirements.





    Roller Mill Moded
    Sifter Model
    Twin Sifter
    Plan Sifter
    HSMILLING- 100
    Plan Sifter
    HSMILLING -120
    Plan Sifter
    HSMILLING- 150
    Plan Sifter
    HSMILLING-200 200 Pneumatic Plan Sifter 60*15*30
    HSMILLING-300 300 Pneumatic Plan Sifter 70*20*30
    HSMILLING-500 500 Pneumatic Plan Sifter 100*20*30
    HSMILLING-800 800 Pneumatic Plan Sifter 150*30*35
    HSMILLING-1000 1000 Pneumatic Plan Sifter 200*35*34




    In the cleaning section, we adopt drying type cleaning technology. It normally includes 2 times

    sifting, 2 times scouring, 2 times de-stoning, one time purifying, 4 times aspiration, 1 to 2 times

    dampening, 3 times magnetic separation and so on. In the cleaning section, there are several

    aspiration systems which can reduce the dust spray-out from the machine and keep a good

    working environment.This is a complicated thorough flow sheet which can remove most of

    the coarse offal, middle size offal and fine offal in the wheat. The cleaning section is not only

    suitable for wheat imported with lower moisture and but also suitable dirty wheat from local





    In the milling section, there are four types of systems to mill the wheat to flour. They are 4-Break system,

    7-Reduction system,1-Semolina system and 1-Tail system. Purifiers are specially designed to get more pure

    semolina sent to the Reduction which improves the flour quality by a large margin. The rollers for Reduction,

    Semolina, and Tail systems are smooth rollers which are well blasted. The whole design will insure less bran

    mixed into the bran and the flour yield is maximized. Because the well designed pneumatic lifting system,

    the whole mill material is transferred by High pressure fan. The milling room will be clean and sanitary

    for aspiration adoption.



    All the packing machines are automatic.The packing machine has features of high measuring accuracy,

    fast packing speed, reliable and stable working. It can weigh and count automatically, and it can

    accumulate weight. The packing machine has function of fault self-diagnosis. Itssewing machine has

    automatic sewing and cutting function.


    The packing machine is with sealed type bag-clamping mechanism, whih can \prevent material from

    leaking out.The packing specification includes 1-5kg,2.5-10kg,20-25kg,30-50kg.The clients can choose

    different packing specification according to requirements. 


    In this part, we will supply electrical control cabinet, signal cable, cable trays and cable ladders, and other

    electrical installation parts.

    The substation and motor power cable is not included except customer specially required.

    PLC control system is an optional choice for customer.

    In PLC control system, all the machinery is controlled by Programmed Logical Controller which can

    insure the machinery running stably and fluently.

    The system will make some judgments and do reaction accordingly when any machine is in fault or

    stopped abnormally. In the same time it will alarm and remind the operator to settle the faults.

    Schneider series electrical parts are used in out electrical cabinet.

    The PLC brand will be Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi and other International Brand. The combination

    of a good designing and reliable electrical parts insures the whole mill running smoothly.


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