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    Product Category : Flour Milling

    As a premium flour sifting machine, the plansiftert is suitable for the flour manufacturers who process wheat,

    rice, durum wheat, rye, oat, corn, buckwheat, and so on.

    High sifting capacity in a minimum space due to sieve stacks effective height. Easy sieve
    adjustment as necessary. Leak proof sifter sections. Easy installation, maintenance due to
    trouble free operations. Excellent sanitation.
    The structure is held together with high tensile bolts. The machine is supported by two beams
    connected to the machine sides with the suspension rods clamped at each end which extend
    upwards to clamping brackets located overhead supported by a steel structure.  
    HASEN style sieve frames are fixed into the plansifter compartment boxes, inner
    aluminium frame for SEFAR mesh cloth,outer frames coated inside and outside
    with plastic melamine lamination and are supplied with stainless steel trays.  
    All sieves are demountable, interchangeable, upper clamping by means of a metal
    frame and pressure micrometric screws. Easy and quick changing of sifting scheme
    if necessary. 

    The FSFG series plansifter is one of our core products developed on the basis of innovative ideas.

    It can efficiently sift and grade the granular and pulverulent materials. As a premium flour sifting

    machine, it is suitable for the flour manufacturers who process wheat, rice, durum wheat, rye,

    oat, corn, buckwheat, and so on. In practice, this type of mill sifter is mainly used for processing

    grinded wheat and middle material sifting, also for flour check sifting. Different sieving designs

    suit different sifting passages and intermediate materials.


    1. The sieve frame size is available in 640×640mm and 740×740mm.
    2. The plansifter's framework is made of pressed steel plate, while the internal box walls are

    supplied in stainless steel. The adjustable counterweight is mounted with special SKF (Sweden)

    self-aligning type double row roller bearings.

    3. The sieve frames are made from imported wooden whose inside and outside are both coated

    with plastic melamine lamination. They are demountable and interchangeable. The sieve frames

    are equipped with stainless steel trays. Each whole section is clamped by a metal frame and

    pressure micrometric screws from the top. It is easy and quick to change the sifting scheme

    of the plansifter when necessary.
    4. The discharge outlets of this flour sifting equipment come with black plastic caps within

    gravity spouting scope. 
    5. The SEFAR sieves are adopted. 
    6. The NOVA sieves are also available for the plansifter. Its aluminium inner sieve can meet

    higher sanitation requirements, and its large bolting area and scientific structure can provide

    great sieving performance in limited space.

    7. All the components that contact with material directly are made of stainless steel or other

    quality materials, ensuring the great sanitation degree.

    8. Our plansifter comes with modular structure according to your needs. It is available in four-

    section plansifter, six-section plansifter and eight-section plansifter, so that you can make most

    of the existing space.

    9. The inner wall and the door come with advanced thermal insulation techniques, avoiding the

    moisture condensation cases to a great degree.

    Type Sections
    Sieve Height (mm) Sieve Frame Height
    (no top sieve frame)
    Min Height of the Installation
    Rotary Diameter
    Main Shaft Speed
    Sifting Area
    640 740 640 740 640 740 640 740 640 740 640 740 640 740 640 740
    FSFG4×16 4 1800 1720 2800 3 3 64±2 245 21.1 29.1 2550 2900
    FSFG6×16 6 1800 1720 2800 4 5.5 31.7 43.7 2800 3150
    FSFG8×16 8 1800 1720 2800 5.5 7.5 42.2 58.2 3200 3500
    FSFG4×24 4 2200 2300 1950 2050 3200 3300 3 5.5 31.7 43.7 2900 3700
    FSFG6×24 6 2200 2300 1950 2050 3200 3300 4 7.5 47.5 65.5 3550 4550
    FSFG8×24 8 2200 2300 1950 2050 3200 3300 7.5 11 63.4 87.4 4700 5300
    FSFG4×28 4 2470 2180 3540 4 7.5 37 51 3350 3950
    FSFG6×28 6 2470 2180 3540 5.5 7.5 55.4 76.4 4100 4900
    FSFG8×28 8 2470 2180 3540 11 15 73.9 101.9 5200 6200
    The outer sieve frame can be supplied at different heights to suit different
    applications i.e.  50/60/70/80/90/126mm. The top box frame height is 126mm,
    while the bottom sieve base 140-150mm.
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