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    Extensive experience on turn-key projects


    We realizes the whole processes of project-design, building construction, silo systems, machinery production and installation-commissioning.

    we are one of the leading company in it´s sector around the world with hundreds of references. As well as realizing turn-key projects for the leading companies in the domestic market our company also realized turn-key projects in more than 50 countries thoughout the world.

    Our company continuously follows demands and expectations of our customers. always aims to provide the most efficient facilitiy at the most convenient price. We work for profitability and rapid return of investment of our customers.





    Power saving 

    Competitive manufacturing

    insight  Maximum return   

    High profitability with high quality production

    Customer satisfaction   

    Environmental solution



    Project offers are prepared in details according to the customer needs. In the preliminary study room necessary corrections may performed according to the meeting with the client.

    Designs and drawings for production, images for introduction of the machinery and equipment are performed by our Project Department team. For drawings latest version CAD programs are used. Latest version software programs are used for processes of production, purchase, warehouse and planning which enables all departments to work in coordination with eachother.

    Our company continuously follows demands and expectations of our customers. Our project department realizes project revisions, production tracking according to these demands and expectations. Every data is recorded in an archive in order to do production at an advanced level for reaching the high standards and customer demands and expectations.

    Our project department make designs and drawings for grain milling factories according to the building and capacity which is requested. Additionally alternative project solutions are also offered which are suitable with the request of customers.

    Flow charts are drawn and rendered as image in order to show the production process of the milling plant. All the building hole plans are prepared, minumum machinery and equipment with maximum efficiency are offered to the customers. According to customer demands, the building for the plant presented with the most suitable project by consideration and local condition.




    We offers wide range of service in automation. Our company always aims to produce the machines and equipment with highest performance, knowing that performance derives from perfect macth between control units and equipment hardware best control systems are choosen.

    In the plant automation, systems are designed with high performance latest technology equipment.

    Different capacity and types of yield control systems, bagging stations, mixing and tempering systems can be integrated with system automation.

    In order to provide optimal performance for whole milling process, Selis has combined their deep process and technology skill into control units.




    "We are working for the details which you can not see at your first glance but facilitate your life"

    We add value to our products by combining high quality equipment and our attention to details. We manufacture equipment serving for years by quality control of every step of the production.

    Our team, who is aware the importance of the time for customers, is working self-sacrificing and carefully in order to deliver the orders on time.

    In the awareness of the manufacturing of food processing machines, our company is working to produce equipment with maximum hygiene.

    Right projects for pneumatic conveying systems have a direct effect on energy savings and efficiency in the mill. High efficient equipment is manufactured by accurate projects on aspiration and filtration systems. Every fan manufactured is tested in our fan test station.

    Our company offers high quality and advanced equipment to its customers with its production line consisting of latest technology CNC cutting machines.




    R&D department is working inorder to develop new products and innovate existing products . Continous innovation is the key element bringing success. Basis of our success is consisting of working in discipline , right usage of experience accumulation over the years, efficiency insight in the technical staff and total quality management.

    New design-works that are developed in the R&D office with a professional team who are following up-to-date technology carried our company to a different position in its sector.

    New projects studied and accomplished with the participation of all units.

    Original and innovative designs developed in R&D office leading our company stick out from its competitors.

    Our company with its developed products and systems make patent desing etc. registrations studies.




    Working with highly educated staff is the key factor in order to reach the success therefore education is paramount for our company. Our company gives extensive education such as:

    Technical education

    Internal education

    Practical education

    On-site education

    After installation and commissioning of a flour mill factory by Selis supervisors, training is given to the authorized tecnical personel. Training contains various subjects about flour milling operation.


    The subjects are:

    Adjustment and setting the machinery

    Maintenance of the machinery

    Measurement and improvement of mill performance

    Automation control





    Our company, which its principle is customer satisfaction, has became in demand brand name in the world by offering and manufacturing products preferred around the world. Customer relations, demands and complains are followed by communication office with advanced programs.

    We offer after sales support in numerious methods:

    7/24 phone support

    Thanks to our talented technicians, prompt reply is provided to the customers in order to solve the problem right away after receiving the request for support. This is a cost saving and prompt solution for any intervention.

    Technical support

    In case of facing any technical problem or fault about the milling plant, customers can confortably contact with our customer services. In order to solve technical problems our experienced team will be on site to offer the best solution. Technical service is divided into fields; mechanical, electric-electronical or technological team.

    Spare parts support

    Our company offers original Selis spare parts that will provide an excellent performance and maximum efficiency for our machinery and equipment. Our mission is to supply spare parts with the fastest logistic processes in order to solve problems as soon as possible.

    Maintenance support

    In order to have a continuous efficiency of machines, regular maintenance is necessary. Our maintenance support ensures you the high quality product, optimal performance and reduce energy consumption of the plant.


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