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    Rotary Vibration Screen (Rotary Aspirator)



    TQLZ Plane Rotary Vibration Screen (Rotary Aspirator)






    Plane rotary screen is mainly used for cleaning or grading raw materials in milling, feed, rice milling,

    chemical industry and oil extraction industries. By replacing different meshes of sieves, it can clean

    impurities in wheat, corn, rice, oil seed and other granular materials.

    The screen is wide and then flow is big, cleaning efficiency is high, flat rotation movement is stable

    with low noise. Equipped with aspiration channel, it performs with clean environment.



    ——High capacity 

    ——Firm structure

    ——Easy installation









    DETAIL MODEL OF Rotary Vibration Screen (Rotary Aspirator)




    MML series roller mill are the main machine for medium and large flour milling

    plant,mainly used to grind wheat,maize,sorghum etc. which can be also suitable

    to crush raw materials in different breweries.



    -Housing is made of special materials that can absorb the


    vibration and shocks.

    -Central greasing system allows greasing of all rolls without


      stopping the machine

    - Detachable roll structure in 15min , Quick roll change in 20min

    -Multi roller feeding system

    -Single piece front cover allows easy and quick access for



    Maintenance  and Cleaning

    -Completed body shell are medical device technology, 

      Some parts of body is made of aluminum with lightweight,

       high durability and in conformity

      with sanitation and hygiene.

    --Easy to use digital control panel










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