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    Air-recycling Aspirator -Flour/Maize/Wheat/Rice/Oat/Corn/Animal feed Processing machine




    We provide integrities engineering works of deep proessing for GRAIN/FLOUR/WHEAT/MAIZE/


    RICE/OAT/ANIMAL FEED/WARE HOUSING MANAGEMENT/. Our factory has more then 50 years


    experiences which is the first found of deeep processing for grain/flour/maize/wheat/corn/ rice/oat/


    animal feed/ ware housing management, We have enough technical base support from 


    A to Z, from initial stage of design planing to end finishing products. 


    Plus point is that we have 20 years experienced international sales staff to cooperate with you,


    you will never feel problem with communcation and international trading barries. 


    We do promise to our customers that we provide a life long services to our valued customer


    for integrities engineering works of whole plant: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with VIP


    treatment to our customers as  we knew that the happiness from customer is the real pursuit of us.


    One more point is that We are paid member in Alibaba.com, you are protected fully for your payment if


    you are willing to deal on line. 


     Air-recycling Aspirator 
    ——Low gas consumption, low operation cost
    ——Ideal configuration



    Air-recycling Aspirator 






    Incoming material falls onto a shoe, that oscillates under the function of a vibro motor, grain is distributed evenly on the feeding shoe which introduces a thin horizontal flow of material into the machine chamber. Under the function of air and different specific gravity of various materials, the separation of husks and dust is separated into a separate chamber which can be adjusted with a retarding plate. This separated low-density material together with the recycled air flows into another separator while the particles fall in a screw conveyor and are discharged. The cleaned air is then recycled by a fan and back into the aspiration channel via a return air channel.  The heavy grain material falls down and is discharged via a finger value which opens due to the gravity of material flow. An adjustable wall plate mounted inside the chamber allows the airflow stream flow rate to be controlled to obtain different degrees of separation.


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