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    Impact Detacher -Flour Processing machine


    FSZJ Series Impact Detacher for








    We provide integrities engineering works of deep proessing for



    Our factory has more then 50 years experiences which is the first found of deeep processing for

    grain/flour/maize/wheat/corn/ rice/oat/ animal feed/ ware housing management, We have enough

    technical base support from  A to Z, from initial stage of design planing to end finishing products. 


    Plus point is that we have 20 years experienced international sales staff to cooperate with you, you

    will never feel problem with communcation and international trading barries. 


    We do promise to our customers that we provide a life long services to our valued customer for

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    Impact Detacher -Flour Processing machine 



    FSZJ Series Impact Detacher 


    ——High efficiency of impact 

    ——Low power consumption 

    ——High capacity 

    ——Stable and safety



    Our durable impact detacher, is for improving the flour extraction rate in the flour milling plant. With

    the high speed rotors, it can smash the endosperm flakes, especially flakes grinded by smooth rollers.

    Thus the sieving efficiency could be enhanced to some degree. Besides, this step can also kill the

    bugs and inhibit the bug eggs and larva from growing, and keep the granules in fluffy state.



    1. The machine comes with a dynamically balanced rotor, ensuring the smooth running.

    2. Welded steel housing and anti-wear components are adopted for this equipment.

       The excellent durability leads to limited maintenance fee.

    3. The impact detacher is manufactured according our advanced design. The advanced

        processing machine and techniques have guaranteed the desirable precision and product quality.

    4. The impacting pins surfaces are thermally treated to achieve desirable wear resistance.

    5. The round pins and square pins are optional for different passing property and impact intensities.

    6. High quality motor is adopted for the impact detacher to ensure the machine's stable running.

    7. Small area is needed for the installation of this flour making equipment, and two installation

        types are optional. It can be mounted in the gravity conveying system or incorporated in the

         pneumatic conveying pipeline.

    8. No floating dust will be generated and the repairing and operation are both very convenient.

    9. The impact detacher is available in two kinds of sizes and capacities.

    10. A by-pass pipe and matching imported limit switch are installed. Thus when the machine

        stops, the mill system can continue to work.

    11. The surface of the low carbon alloy steel pin, after treated with nitriding and carbonization

        techniques, has become quite anti-wear.



     be your life long .

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