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    Purifier-FQFD Series Purifier in Wheat Flour MIll Machine Line

    Purifier-FQFD Series -Purifier Wheat Flour MIll Machine Line

    ——High capacity 

    ——Good health condition 

    ——Low cost 

    ——Attractive appearance





    Application :

    New model SP series flour cleaner is an indispensable main equipment for flour mill

    to grind high precision and low ash flour.It is used to treat the wheat dregs and hearts

    of various sizes provided by the front mill screen, and to purify and classify them again,

    so as to obtain the pure wheat dregs and hearts with more uniform grain sizes and better

    quality, so as to improve the flour quality of other grinding systems and provide high

    quality products in process.


    Performance features:

    1. Stronger intense, lighter weight - fuselage using food-grade aviation aluminum, mold

    extrusion process, surface after special treatment, modular assembly, lightweight, hygienic,

    beautiful. The base adopts food grade 304 stainless steel material, sanitary condition will

    be more better.

    2. Sound insulation and anti-corrosion, good sealing performance - the shell using

    GH©¦ ɦfiberglass reinforced materialsɧ carbon fiber materials.


    3. Smoother - unique drive system ensures smoother operation with start-up and

    stop. Noise much less. In the process of operation left and right sieve box vibration

    source can be consistent, so that the material grading is more uniform.

    4. Cleaner hygiene - the inlet and outlet system adopts negative pressure pumping

    design to avoid dust spillage during operation.

    5. More accurate - airway regulation system using digital roller design, uniform and

    flexible operation is stronger.

    Air duct and airway regulation door all use a molding extrusion aluminum material.

    An air regulator with a gear structure enables precise local suction control.

    6. Higher performance - material adjustment using semi-open-door design,

    lightweight and flexible. Material-adjusted feed valves ensure uniform material

    distribution, resulting in improved performance.

    7. Longer service life - With of the design of a unique connection beam between

    transmission end and the transmitted, so that four rubber shaft tolerance, extend

    service life.

    8. Stronger - The sieve frame uses an innovative frame locking structure to avoid

    welding deformation problems.







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