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    The development of wheat epider skin deep cleaning technology.

    Dirt in the wheat skin, wheat surface clean good or bad, directly related to the quality of flour and the development of flour enterprises. In this article we study the unique physical structure of wheat and the requirements of the ideal cleaning and processing process, from the traditional wheat-making machine technology, to the current new level of technology, put forward a personal point of view, aimed at reference, exchange views for the wheat mill industry.

    No.1. The unique physical structure of wheat.





    By studying the grain structure of wheat, it is found that the coral layer of wheat is composed of six layers. In order to facilitate understanding, can be image of wheat seeds likened to "corn bar with pants", from the outside in turn for the epiderm, peel, inner peel, seed skin, bead heart layer, paste layer. The first layer of wheat epiderm, wheat peel, groin direct contact with the outside world inevitable impurities, dirt. The outer five layers are collectively referred to as the outer cortry, and the paste layer is the middlemost layer of the wheat cortry, that is, the sixth layer of wheat skin, with a higher ash content. The upper layer of wheat cortation, i.e. the endosperm.

    Roller making is required for the ideal cleaning and processing process.
    Existing wheat flour processes are generally processed from the inside out, i.e. the process of maximizing the quality of endosperm from bran and fully separating it from bran, gluten stars, and dirt to ensure the integrity of the bran. The cleaner the separation of the skin dirt of wheat, the lower the ash content in the flour, the better the quality, the higher the economic benefits. Deep cleaning is actually another meaning of "purification", the ideal cleaning process should be: more flour, good flour, low loss as the ultimate goal. Deep cleaning technology equipment should be achievable: wheat peel, bran star and groin clean-up thoroughly, the lowest rate of wheat crushing, the lowest consumption, does not affect the integrity of bran, good product stability. And to achieve this ideal cleaning process requirements should be more advanced technology to achieve.


    The traditional wheat-grading machine technical principle index and the status quo.
    The wheat scourer is one of the commonly used equipment to clean the wheat surface, which is to clean the wheat surface by using the high-speed rotating plate and the stationary round sieve surface through the comprehensive effect of wheat strike, friction and so on. For each wheat hit, the wheat ash content should be reduced by not less than 0.02%, the increase in crushed wheat should not be greater than 0.5%, and the perfect wheat content in the lower foot material should not be greater than 1%. The wheat machine is widely used and has certain representative. By analyzing the principle of wheat scourer, it is beneficial to better understand the level of traditional cleaning technology, so as to further optimize the improvement and improve the cleaning process.

    By studying the mechanical principle of wheat scourer, the effect analysis is combined: the gap between the plate and the screen is very critical to the cleaning of wheat. The smaller the gap, the stronger the role of playing wheat, the better the cleaning effect, but the increase in the gap between board and screen, less broken wheat, but poor cleaning effect, smaller gap between wheat scourer machine, the faster the screen wear is a good proof. According to experience, the wheat hitter plate clearance should be between 20-30MM is appropriate, increase or decrease the speed of the wheat machine, you can adjust the rate of broken wheat. But the wheat machine hit the plate by hard technical principle, will inevitably lead to broken wheat, has been an indisputable fact, the loss of flour enterprises such as careful calculation, is also a not small number, and the impact on the quality of the whole flour is critical. Therefore, the wheat machine should reach the clean-up, but do not break the wheat as the principle, such as after the wheat cleaning is not clean, or the rate of increase in the rate is too high will lose the meaning of wheat scourer.

    No.4. The principle and function of wheat softer scraper structure.
    Wheat softer scraper - different from peeling machine, is a use of automatically adjust the gap and pressure of elastic alloy on the wheat surface 360 degrees repeated softer scratching, working gap only a grain of wheat around, clean very uniform, when the internal work pressure, elastic alloy will automatically bounce up, is soft processing, processing wheat almost no fragmentation, processing machine can completely replace the wheat scourer, wheat brush, peeling machine. Set softer blow, scrape, grinding as a whole. Ability to put dirt on the appearance of wheat grains, fragile skin, wheat peel, vomit toxins.... The most efficient removal before entering the grinder is detailed as follows:


    Wheat scraper roll 3D chart:

    Detailed schematic of the key structure of the wheat scraper.

    As shown in the figure: wheat soft scraper for horizontal structure, the interior is composed of polygon roller and external screen, wherein the polygon roller with centrifulation radiation type equipped with multi-layer soft alloy and diamond grinding plate, soft alloy under, diamond grinding plate on. The working direction of soft alloy is consistent with that of centrifugal fan impel when the roll is turned, and the material is processed repeatedly at 360 degrees. The necessary condition to clean up the dirt is that the action parts to fully contact the material, work because the soft alloy has a unique soft physical characteristics, just like the grinding machine can adjust the pitch, the design work gap can reach a grain of wheat, and with the roller internal pressure and scraping force can automatically adjust the gap between the elastic alloy and the screen, almost no fragmentation and do not hurt the paste layer, its effect is self-evident.

    5, The combination structure design features of wheat soft scraper.
    Wheat-specific soft alloy itself has a good elasticity, wear resistance, automatic cutting edge and fragile skin, wheat groin scratching, flexible strike characteristics, diamond structure has good wear resistance, and excellent grinding characteristics of wheat peel, after the combination, that can make wheat wheat peel dirt fully removed, but also protect the elastic alloy root, so that the material only friction elastic alloy blade, not grinding root, several times longer elastic alloy life.

    At present, wheat soft scraper has been applied to COFCO Group, Su San zero Group, Anhui Yongxin Industry and Trade, Fengtai Longtai, Tai'an Fushikang, Binzhou Longfeng,....... many flour mill enterprises in China, and the market has been unanimously praised. The production of good flour and raw grain quality, cleaning effect, operating level, moisture regulation, powdering process and other factors are closely related, the new flexible scraping depth cleaning technology needs a large number of measured data to verify its technical effect, due to limited space, the author through successful communication with some flour manufacturers, choose not to change the powder road, and the same raw grain, operation, moisture regulation ... and other conditions.

    Wheat soft scraper reduce surface omit toxins with ash



    Measuring the advanced nature of a technology and equipment is not only reflected in its structural principles, but also in its contribution to society, enterprises and quality. Through the transformation of many flour manufacturers have been significantly improved quality, the times in progress, technology in the development of wheat flexible scratch cleaning technology will promote the food industry leapfrog development.

    Wheat Soft scraper data drawings.


    Wheat soft scraper is different from the peeling machine, is the use of automatically adjust the gap and pressure of the elastic alloy on the wheat surface soft scraping, working gap is only about one grain of wheat, so clean evenly, and when the pressure is large, will automatically bounce, so processing wheat almost no broken, is currently replacing the wheat scourer machine, wheat brushing machine, wheat washing machine, peeling machine's most advanced depth cleaning equipment, can be the appearance of wheat dirt, Fragile exterior skin, wheat hair, vomit toxins, the most efficient removal before grinding.





    broken ratio in raw wheat is 0.01-0.06,
    broken ratio in clean wheat is 0.01-0.04,
    broken ratio Far lower then ratio of 0.5 wheat scourer;
    2, The clean-up effect is significant: reduce ash 0.03-0.08 input of roller mill, adjustable, after soft scraper machine working, the wheat become more white and shining, improving the whiteness of wheat flour;
    3, Not hurt paste layer: different from peeling machine, sift scraper not hurt paste layer;
    4, signification removing of Omit toxins material: Omit toxins remove ratio at 50-70%;
    5, Instead of wheat washer, wheat scourer pre B1 roller mill, remove groove dirty and wheat hair very efficiently;
    6, Easy maintenance and overhaul: no need to open bearing like roller mill fluting, loose sifter sieve, just adjust the gap of sifter sieve;



    Lets see the research figures from abroad as reference:









    VIDEO show: softer grain peeler :






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