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                                     ------------BY HASEN FLOUR MILL MACHINE CHINA
                                    -------------21TH JULY 2021



    For Chinese flour mill machine standard in the world, i would like to say something and clarification for Chinese

    flour mill machine projects standard as i have visited some flour mill machine manufacturers in the world, I think

    that i have brief talk for it,

    Everyone knows that China is the world largest population in the world and Chinese economic growing so fast since

    last 40 years to now. In all sects of industries over 666 categories, China is the complete industry chain provider

    among all world nowadays after many years developing and struggle, China not only outstanding in the railways,

    aero plane and heavy industries, chemicals, rubbers, oil and steel but also most popular in light industries.


    China flour mill machines developing since 50th of last century to now, As Chinese nation is very unique nation in

    the world, food sect are more special and having more varieties in flour consuming markets, western and USA,

    south USA, Africa, other Asia countries are mostly consuming flour by bakery and roast types, But Chinese special

    steam and boiling flour foods since thousand years ago which are more varieties over hundreds types of

    Chinese flour consuming types among all Chinese people.


    The capacity of China flour manufacturers are starting with 1000 tons and 50000 tons(most famous and the largest

    flour mill company is named WUDELI FLOUR MILL MANUFACTURER in China, it produce 50,000 tons per a day)

    above nowadays because our people are in great demand after China economic growing rapidly, people are

    more focus on traditional flour consuming products like all kind of salted and sweet steam bread(with or without

    center filled vegetables or meats or fruits or plants or dry fruits), steamed noodles(with sauces or without sauces,

    boiling noodle(with spicy or without spicy, with soup or without soup), noodle varieties difference from province to

    province, taste difference from each village to next village, color and flavor different from one city to other cities, 

    For time been the fine flour market pursuit more fine and more white in color, more varieties categories

    flour are available  which are over dosing and processing in flour mill production in China before 10 -20 years,

    that’s why the flour quality demand more high technology and complexly procedures in flour mill machine

    professional last since 20 years,

    Now flour markets return to rationality and healthy consumption concept and government of China made

    many law and rules for flour mill production including additives of flour mill, Chinese flour mill market in healthy

    progress now and for time been the flour market growing rapidly nowadays in China, many good flour mill

    machines manufactures come out brilliantly in market since the liberation of new China.


    Wuxi Hasen flour mill machine EPC project provider /Wuxi Ximai grain and oil engineering equipment manufacture

    is the outstandig EPC flour mill machine project provider among most top excellent flour mill machine manufacturers

    in China, we are one of top five flour mill machine manufacturer in China, we been introduced from European

    technology and mixing Chinese traditional technology to top level of flour mill machine production in China now.


    Some people said that Chinese flour mill machine quality is not good in some regions and countries of the world,

    because biggest reason those who said Chinese flour mill machines are not good quality as they are pursuing

    only cheaper price always, do not care about quality of machines, higher price do not accept, do not care the

    equipment quality, which model, capacity of equipment and function of equipment and the company warranties,

    so the results come to their concept that Chinese flour mill machines quality cheaper in the bad name! 


    Also Some Chinese flour mill machines brands which there are popular in other countires, they do not know those

    companies get no orders in land of China flour mill market, then they turn eyes to international market in cheaper

    price with cheaper quality in the overseas market, i would like to say that please note those companies are not the

    real standard of Chinese flour mill machine quality! very familiar situation like TECNO mobile which are only focus

    on african market, most people do not know even do not hear about its name In land of China, but African market

    are most popular and liked by African people. now TECNO mobiles earning good name by its researching and good

    development by localization meet the demand of African people  in African markets.


    Above phenomenon are not the real actural standard of Chinese flour mill machines. Real good flour mill machine

    manufacturers are not exposed in the eye sight of international market actuarially up to now, most of those good

    mill machine manufactures are focus on in land of China markets as Chinese people demand not only high capacity

    flours but also most larger categories different flours with high standard in the world, That’s why Chinese flour mill

    manufacturers are always follow the trend of Chinese people taste / demand to adjust the flour mill technology and

    updating advanced flour mill machines in fully automatically control system try minimum reducing labors in the

    workshop instead by robots which encouraged by our government and also its technology requirement by the

    historic times after certain economic development in China.


    Anyhow, Chinese flour mill machine companies are still have a long way to go to earning good name in

    international markets by its efforts of good quality and services very firmly!


    I hope I have explain well the flour mill machine situation of Chinese flour mill machine manufactures for

    current situation. Most welcome your valued &rational comments on it if any queries, 


    Please contact us in case of you need EPC flour mill machine line from 100 tons to 5000 tons per a day!

    We remain!






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