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                                                                        -HASEN FLOUR MILL MACHINES


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    The result of fine flour in flour mill factory are mainly composed by



    the capacity, quality and out put ratio of flour, element of best result



    of flour making, first should be produced by the flour required



    quality from market, second is increasing out put ratio base on the



    quality assurance standard, to make the best result of out put ratio;



    the electrical consuming of factory will be suitable or lower then



    average level if your factory using good condition flour mill



    machines, proper technical design, best result during flour mill



    production time.








    Flour mill factory should produce flour by the technical index



    and production safety schedule, make comparison of daily



    production actuarial volumes and schedule production, daily



    or weekly complete the the technical index by following:





    • 1, Each hour or 24 hours to input 1 peeling wheat production quantity;
    • 2, Finished Wheat flour capacity per hour Production volume;
    • 3, Out put flour Ratio of net wheat flour;
    • 4, Out put ratio flour of Raw wheat( Ratio of Total flour and total raw wheat of 1 week);
    • 5, Moisture of wheat flour;
    • 6, Flour color grades and ash;
    • 7, Quantity and quality of Protein;
    • 8, Water absorb volumes of wheat flour;
    • 9, Electrical consuming index for1 ton wheat flour production


    Modern mill process is continuous, highly mechanized, and some processes are automatically controlled.


    Raw wheat come to the factory, after cleaning, milling, wheat flour processing into flour and flour by-


    products, it is a complete production system composed of various equipment with processes. The flour


    effect of a flour mill plant is very closely related to the quality of flour mill equipment and process


    technical design, as well as the operation and management of the production process.



    WUXI HASEN flour mill machines are the EPC project which is the top unique and outstanding


    grain&oil engineering equipment&machine manufacturer, technical design, installation,


    commissioning in one stand capacity from 60 tons to 3000 tons per day flour mill for your


    valuable selection from China.





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