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    How to Control Pest and Keep well Flour in Summer Season



    How to Control Pest and Keep well Flour in Summer Season



    Summer is a high temperature, high humidity season, but also the fastest and most vigorous season
    of flour pests. It can be said that the biggest headache of the summer flour mill is the problem of flour
    pests. Control of bad pests, not only affect product quality, but also have a certain negative impact on
    economic benefits.
    Pests in wheat and flour not only gnaw wheat, destroy the grain storage environment, but also pollute
    the finished product. This brings about both quality problems and the focus of food safety management.
    First, pay attention to these aspects in process design and operation:
    Silo operations:
    The chart below shows a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of several workshop
    Fumigation schemes:
    It is inevitable to purchase insects and eggs in raw grains. In the design: First, as far as possible before
    entering the silo through the wind selection, screening, sieve off the insects, remove small pieces of ash
    and light miscellaneous. Efficient Buhrer combo cleaning sieve LAAB (TAS) is a good choice.
    The second is to destroy the survival and breeding environment of insects. High moisture is one of the
    reasons why insects reproduce so fast that large grain banks should cool and dehumidify to inhibit the
    reproduction of microorganisms and insects.
    Third, the silo design should be closed, here can be used drug fumigation, low cost, good effect.
    Clean-up operation.
    Strengthen wheat and wind selection to minimize the removal of microorganisms and insect erosion
    particles on the wheat surface. The Buehler wheat machine MHXS can effectively remove dirt and
    wheat wool from the wheat surface, and break the insect erosion particles.
    Flour process
    Through the design of pre-skin grinding, especially with a certain rate of pre-skin grinding, through sieve
    and air absorption, the wheat groin in the ash soil, microorganisms, eggs directly thrown into the feed
    powder, reduce the pre-road powder in the eggs, to ensure the quality of high-end powder.
    Finished processing operations.
    The nest can be used to kill the eggs with an insecticidal machine. Increase the number of insecticidal
    routes based on economic capacity. Buehler insecticidal machine MJZH has been certified by the
    authority of the three-way, effective insecticidal egg rate of 99.5%, effectively extending the shelf life
    of finished products.
    Flour cools into the warehouse, and reducing condensation is also one of the powder warehouse pest
    control measures. In particular, the use of positive pressure gas transport plant, high temperature air
    not only makes the powder warehouse easy to dew, but also took away a large amount of water to
    the flour mill benefits damaged. Common cooling measures are water-cooled and air-cooled.
    Secondly, for workshop fumigation, although we are all in the discussion, but the actual use is not much,
    often using the powder warehouse of individual drug fumigation.
    For workshop management and deep cleaning, it is recommended that we choose and clean up
    equipment, choose no residue or less residual equipment.
    The main equipment facilities for nourishing insects in the powder workshop are:
    Bran Grinding: Some factories design bran grinding, but actually use less, and do not clean the
    barrel, causing the spread of insect breeding.
    Flour collection winch: Usually a powder scheme out of 3-4 kinds of base powder, but modern
    processes usually design 4-6 powders. Although the 1-4 powder is mostly used in steadandles
    with fewer scrapers, there are still can be used to winch. These backup equipment often fail to
    clean up in a timely manner, leading to pest growth. The shop floor sometimes has similar backup
    equipment that is cleaned at least once a week.
    Powder machine sieve on the material bucket: Many factories here there is a pile of material,
    to be cleaned up every week.
    Pipeline: Regular thorough cleaning is required without a dead end. Powder workshop has a lot
    of spare lines, process stable situation as far as possible to remove, do not give insects to create
    a hotbed.
    Flour factory warehouse: to strictly manage, can not long-term side in and out, to ensure a week to
    clear once, to avoid leaving a dead end. Clean up (or fumigate) once during the season of May
    and October.


    Note: Insects are divided into one pest and secondary pest. Secondary pests do not bite wheat
    directly, only eat one pest bite open the broken end.

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