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    Security protection On Grain Storage by 4 in 1 Technology Hasen Tech Forum




     In-depth analysis of the application value


    Four-in-One technology in the Grain Industry 



                                                          ---Contribution by WUXI HASEN IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD

    Beginning in the 1990s, in order to enhance the national macro-control capacity of grain,


    the State Council of China decided to establish a national special grain reserve system,


    due to the lack of storage capacity, technology and equipment backward, poor quality


    during grain storage, dew, heat, pests, mold sometimes occur, the alarming


    loss, in order to solve this problem and the introduction of grain storage "four-in-one"




    Four-in-one storage principles and processes:


    This discussion is based on intelligent ventilation, circulation fumigation, intelligent grain condition


    detection,high-efficiency grain cooling "four-in-one" technology in the mature application of steel


    silos, which can be applied to the steel silo type granary and upgrade innovation. 





                                                    Exhaust dust removal


    Wet wheat→Clean sifter→ Before drying silo→Conveyor→Elevator→Dryer


                                                          Heat Source


    Conveyor →  Elevator → Final product →Dispatch of product


    Intelligent ventilation-Fumigation-Intelligent food check-High efficiency grain cooling    




    Grain storage process flow chart


    After the wet grain is cleaned and removed from the iron, it is fed into the mixed-flow dryer by


    the hoist and baked to the safe moisture (rice 12-14%) and then fed into the steel silo storage.


    During the storage period, the management personnel use the application of intelligent grain


    monitoring and control analysis system, circulation fumigation, combined with intelligent


    ventilation, high-efficiency grain cooling and other technologies, so that the steel silo can


    adapt to the medium- and long-term storage of grain.



                                   HASEN Four in one technical composition




    Four-in-one" basic principle plan of grain storage technology







    Food Monitoring PLC Control Room







                             Bucket elevator on the side of the drying tower


                         Bucket elevator on the side of the drying tower





    The safety and reliability of the equipment are improved by the use of parametric design


    and finite element analysis techniques in the grain plate silos of 10,000 tons.



    Plate warehouse force finite element analysis diagram


    1, Solved circulation fumigation pest control technology



    Circulation fumigation system is based on grain silo theory, aerodynamic circulation

    theory, chemical control theory, the use of micro-computer control technology, the

    use of phosphated aluminum tablet symtolic to produce hydrogen phosphate gas,

    through circulation fumigation equipment, forced air flow circulation, to promote

    the homogenization of hydrogen phosphate gas in the grain pile, to achieve effective

    insecticidal purposes. 





    2, Smart ventilation technology


    The safe storage of grain is mainly to prevent mold, heat and pests in grain piles, the


    key factors affecting the grain pile and storage environment temperature and


    humidity. We use intelligent mechanical ventilation, through the special design


    of the wind duct, ventilation timing, temperature and humidity difference, air


    volume and exchange times adjustment, while taking into account ventilation,


    fumigation and grain cooling technology wind network design, the environment


    in the warehouse temperature control, control of humidity, to prevent the occurrence


    of food damage.




    3, Cooling low-temperature grain storage technology


    Low temperature grain storage is a temperature control storage technology to improve


    grain stability by means of natural methods or mechanical refrigeration methods to


    control the temperature, so that grain is in a low temperature state below 15 degrees


    C or a quasi-low temperature state below 20 degrees C. HASEN has successfully


    developed a mobile grain cooler that, when the temperature of the grain stack


    in the warehouse exceeds the standard, the cold wind generated by the grain


    cooler is fed into the warehouse through the air supply system to achieve


    the effect of cooling the grain temperature.





    Mobile Grain Cooling System


    4, Food situation measurement and control analysis technology



    Using modern electronic technology to realize real-time monitoring, analysis,


    prediction and control of food changes in the grain storage process, the system


    is formed by the measurement and control host and measurement and control


    extension network, installed in each grain silo after the control and control


    extension data collection of grain data to the control center by wired or


    wireless way, management personnel through the upper computer


    software timely grasp the food security situation, through the software


    automatic or manual control of related equipment to achieve cooling,


    dehumidification purposes.







    5, Food situation measurement and control analysis system



    "Four-in-one" storage technology adapts to the needs of large-scale and intensive


    development of China's reserve grain bank construction, and has a wide application


    coverage, which makes the level of grain storage technology in China go to a new


    level. In the application of steel plate storage grain, we must understand the


    structural characteristics of the steel silo, grasp the four key points of grain storage,


    to ensure the safety of grain storage. 







    June 30th  2020   wuxi, CHINA





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