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    Feed Processing - Water Steam and Steam Systems Hasen products


    Feed Processing - Water Steam and Steam Systems





    Question: The importance of steam in feed processing?


    Answer: Steam and steam system is an indispensable auxiliary system with feed production enterprises,

    the quality and safety of steam and steam systems directly affect the quality and safety of feed products,

    but also directly affect the economic benefits of enterprises. Because feed production enterprises have

    little or no attention to the basic knowledge of steam and steam systems, the design, nstallation, use and

    maintenance of steam systems in most enterprises have different degrees of problems. 


    A perfect steam system is produced by a steam boiler and then transported to various steam points by a

    steam pipe network. This allows for low energy loss, high latent saturated steam or superheated steam

    with a lower degree of overheating.


    Application of water steam in industrial



    Oil heating and keep warm

    Conditioner( addition, warm keep)

    Puffer (addition, warm keep)

    Expansion, schuming

    Cooling and drying







    Question: What is the most critical part of the steam system?


    Answer: The decompression process of high-pressure steam needs to be focused on, with the pressure

    relief valve being the top priority. The action of the relief valve is controlled by the pressure behind the valve.

    When the pressure behind the valve increases, the opening of the pressure relief valve is reduced, and

    when the pressure behind the valve decreases, the opening degree of the pressure relief valve increases,

    so as to maintain the stability of the outlet pressure. It works at maximum and minimum traffic. That is,

    the range of 20% to 80% of the maximum traffic. General requirements of import and export pressure

    difference of 0.2MPa.


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