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    Styrene butadiene rubber copolymer-food SSBR FOOD

    SBR FOOD CH 1027/1028


    Styrene butadiene rubber copolymer-food SSBR FOODStyrene butadiene rubber copolymer-food


    SSBR FOOD, also known as SSBR1027 / 1028, is a synthetic rubber that is used as an ingredient


    of chewing gum base and bubble gum base. It is made from the copolymerization of two monomers,


    styrene and 1,3-butadiene, in a hexane solution using butyllithium as a catalyst. The resulting polymer


    has a random structure with both aromatic and aliphatic units. SSBR1027 / 1028 is a food grade


    SSBR that meets the requirements of food contact regulations, such as FDA 21 CFR 177.2600


    and EU 10/2011. It is an equivalent of PLIOGUM® 1027 /1028, a commercial product from China








    SSBR1027 / 1028 has several advantages for gum base production. First, it has good elasticity and


    resilience, which means it can stretch and bounce back without breaking or losing its shape. This


    gives the gum a pleasant texture and mouthfeel. Second, it has good chewability, which means


    it can be chewed for a long time without becoming hard or sticky. This prolongs the flavor release


    and enjoyment of the gum. Third, it has good compatibility with other ingredients of gum base,


    such as resins, waxes, fillers and antioxidants. This ensures a stable and homogeneous mixture


    that can be easily processed and molded into different shapes and sizes.


    SSBR 1027 / 1028can be used for both chewing gum base and bubble gum base, depending


    on the formulation and the desired properties. Chewing gum base is typically harder and less


    elastic than bubble gum base, because it is designed to be chewed rather than blown into


    bubbles. Bubble gum base is softer and more elastic than chewing gum base, because it


    needs to form thin and strong films that can withstand air pressure and prevent bursting.


    SSBR1027 / 1028 can be adjusted to meet these different requirements by changing the


    ratio of styrene and butadiene, the molecular weight distribution, the degree of branching


    and crosslinking, and the amount of additives.


    SSBR1027 / 1028 is a versatile and high-performance synthetic rubber that can enhance


    the quality and functionality of gum base. It is a safe and reliable ingredient that can satisfy


    the needs and preferences of gum consumers around the world.



    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG3854AoHbIxuQHgm7iMWwwFor more


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