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    Comparison of the quality of China dissolved



    Polystyrene-Butadiene Rubber(SSBR FOOD CH) and






    Emulsion polystyrene-butadiene rubber( ESBR FOOD)






    Comparison of the quality of domestic dissolved polystyrene-butadiene rubber(SSBR FOOD CH)


    and imported emulsion polystyrene-butadiene rubber( ESBR FOOD)









    The United States, Mexico imported emulsion polystyrene-butadiene rubber English name


    ESBR, ESBR is representative of the use of rosin saponification liquid for polymerization


    reaction production of styrene-butadiene rubber products, and monomer in the reaction


    process (butadiene, styrene) polymerization reaction rate is only about 60%-70%, after


    the end of the reaction and then through the recovery device, the remaining 35% of the


    styrene monomer that has not been completely reacted is recovered, and the polymerized


    glue is separated from the emulsion polystyrene-butadiene rubber product after steam


    agglomeration. Part of the rosin acid is converted into organic acids and saponifieds,


    so the finished emulsion polystyrene-butadiene rubber contains 5%-6% organic acids


    and a small amount of saponification and other residues, so the purity of emulsion


    polystyrene-butadiene rubber is only about 95%, while Mexico's emulsion


    polystyrene-butadiene rubber purity is only about 92%.







    There are a number of enterprises specializing in the production of emulsion polystyrene-


    butadiene rubber, the production of styrene-butadiene rubber products and imported


    food-grade emulsion polystyrene-butadiene rubber products performance is basically


    the same, the domestic factory production of emulsion polystyrene-butadiene rubber


    name specification model ESBR a 1502 type,


    But is no enterprise to consider the use as a food additive, even if you want to use it in the food


    additive industry, the national regulatory authorities clearly stated that according to the national


    standard inspection of food-grade styrene-butadiene rubber, it is impossible to pass the audit,


    Therefore, although the indicators of domestic production of dairy polystyrene-butadiene rubber


    are exactly the same as imported dairy polystyrene-butadiene rubber, but that is, domestic dairy


    polystyrene-butadiene rubber can not be used as a food additive product, domestic production


    enterprises are clear, dairy polystyrene-butadiene rubber process production products can not


    meet the food additive styrene-butadiene rubber national standard indicators!





    Now the domestic Ningbo Bowhong high-tech enterprises introduced advanced dissolved


    polystyrene-butadiene rubber projects, after process adjustment, successfully produced


    food-grade dissolved styrene-butadiene rubber products SSBR, tested by national authorities


    according to international and domestic food-grade styrene-butadiene rubber standards, the


    product indicators fully comply with the national standards for food additives butadiene


    butadiene rubber, the English name of dissolved polystyrene-butadiene rubber products SSBR,


    where $ indicates the use of solvent oil (hexane) polymerization reaction of styrene-butadiene


    rubber products, its process requirements are high, product purity is high, Its process requires


    that the butadiene raw material is first purified and refined to 99.99% purity of butadiene,


    styrene is dried to achieve 99.9% purity, solvent oil water quality must be below 10ppm,


    the use of butyl lithium catalyst, rapid reaction, monomer reaction rate of 99.99%, and


    then through the agglomeration process, post-processing process, molding packaging,


    finished products out of the warehouse!




    It can be seen that emulsion polystyrene-butadiene gum and dissolved polystyrene-butadiene


    gum are three completely different processes, and the quality, quality and physical and


    chemical indicators of the products are completely different.


    According to the domestic food rubber national standard and the international food rubber


    standard comparison "American FCC8, Spanish Royal Decree, French Glue Base Order


    Standard"), and the residue of emulsion polyrubber is completely inconsistent, so the


    national standard of food-grade styrene-butadiene rubber is obviously not applicable


    to the standard range of emulsion polystyrene-butadiene rubber products, the domestic


    also is the emulsion poly process production of styrene-butadiene rubber can not be used


    in the food-grade additive rubber-based industry, and imported emulsion polystyrene-


    butadiene rubber products are widely used in the food processing industry, The reason is


    because in the past because there were no domestic enterprises to produce food-grade


    styrene-butadiene rubber products, the product is still blank in the country, so domestic


    rubber-based users can only rely on foreign imports for a long time, and now there are


    domestic enterprises specializing in the production of food rubber, and domestic production


    of food rubber enterprises participate in the formulation of food rubber national standards,


    but from the current point of view, the relevant departments have not paid attention to


    supervision, although imported emulsion polyrubber can also produce rubber-based products,


    but the rubber product and the national standard indicators requirements are seriously






    But because the China enterprise units using rubber for the production process and processing


    technology of food rubber are not clear, They are partial to think that imported products are


    better than domestic products just by the hibitual from previously manufacture record and


    have been used for decades, so although domestic rubber in the production process and


    product quality is better than imported rubber, but some users are still half-believed, not


    a large number of use, always think that the United States products are good, after several


    years by the rubber base company professional and technical personnel and authoritative


    departments on the domestic food rubber test evaluation, Most rubber-based companies


    have confirmed the fact that domestic rubber is superior to imported rubber products


    inclduing world famous food grade rubber (SBR FOOD CH) users.





    China food-grade styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR FOOD CH) have obvious advantages,


    good product quality, white color, rubber purity up to 99.89%, no peculiar smell, enterprise


    procurement volume can be ordered with the production plan, large price advantage, reduce


    inventory, involving rubber inventory capital pressure is small, delivery pole service and


    other advantages!



    Welcome all rubber-based users to purchase food-grade styrene-butadiene rubber products



    produced by Changhong Hi-Tech!


    WUXI HASEN  is response to sale international



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