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    Maize Flour Machine: Fully Automatic Modern Maize Milling Machine

    Maize Flour Machine


    Wuxi Hasen Import & Export Company Ltd. Is a professional import and export company located in Jiangsu province, China..
    Wuxi Hassen Integrated deep processing& equipment factory is the first factory in China that was established 60 years ago, which was part of the governmental factories and possession for 60 years. Recently years it has started working as a private company which is the professional leading grain & oil machineries manufacture and service provider of general solutions and project system integration in the oil and gain machineries manufacture technology in China. 

    Wuxi Hasen Import and Export Company Limited: Maize Milling Flour Milling machine line

    The company works the following: the grain(wheat, maize barley plantain, cassava, rice etc) equipment & machineries research technology, manufacturing, engineering design, training and commissioning, installation, project contracting also grain deep processing machine line
    Having become a private company, we have continued to put the hard work, determination, and devotion into our work, and provide our customers with effective solutions for their problems. 

    Machine Line of Maize Flour Mills:

    300 tons per day Maize Flour milling machine line offered by Wuxi Hasen Import And Export  Co., ltd 
    This set of machines has high efficiency and low energy consumption, which is designed by Wuxi Hasen Import And Export Co.,lTd professional engineers. The machine has high output rate with good quality flour. Complete set of maize flour machine can be divided into five sections: 

    Storage Section:
    The grain silo is widely used in storing grain such as wheat, corn, maize, rice, paddy, malt, barley, soy beans, etc. (This part is optional if there is no need to store)
    Cleaning Section:
    To ensure the flour Quality and the working life of the mill by removing the impurities in the wheat before go to mill.
    This part includes:
    Vibrating Separator / Gravity Grading Destoner / Rotary Flat Sifter / Horizontal Wheat Scourer / Magnetic Separator.
    Milling Section:
    To mill the maize and separate the maize flour and bran until get the finished maize flour.
    This part includes: 
    Maize Peeling machine, Maize polishing machine, Pneumatic Roller Mill / Purifier / Plan sifter (High Plan sifter and Mono Square bin or Double bin sifter)/ Bran Finisher / Impact Detacher.
    1, Maize Peeling Machine: 3sets can dry way and wet way to milling corn, maize, wheat and etc. peel maize seed skin, remove maize germ, remove root and remove hilum. This is to make sure that final maize flour is in consistent color, not any black dots at all.
    It is ideal equipment for cereal grain processing factory, alcohol brewing factory, and snack food processing factory, as well as animal feed producing plant.

    2, Maize Polishing machine: 3 Sets, This machine is special equipment applied for maize hulling, de-germinating polishing, It is perfect equipment for maize polishing. 
    Maize Roller Mill: 16 sets. mill the grain to break the integrity by the roller moving.
    Maize High Plansifter: 7 sets, It is to separate the flour, bran and other by-product, also separate large size and small size to ensure flour quality. (Should know that different capacity has different type and different number of roller mills, plansifter and purifiers 300 tons per day wheat flour milling machine line needs 7 sets of 6*24 high Plan sifter.)
    Maize Flour Machine-1
    Packing Section: (Maize Flour/Maize germs/maize bran packing machine / palletizing and robot & stacking system )
    It is well designed for packing various kinds of powdery materials such as grain flour, starch, 
    PLC controlling system
     To controlling the whole set of machinery to work well and showing the process of working.
    This series of products has been widely used in large wheat, corn, maize, soybean, oats, barley, hummus, etc. automatically processing line.


    Wuxi Hasen Import and Export Company Ltd. Offers very efficient, high-performing, high-quality and the best automatic modern Maize Flour Milling Machines 
    For more information of our company machine&equipment and services, please visit our company web page: www.immy.cn or online shop: www.grainmachinecn.com  and chat by: wechat/whatsapp: 008613812016908.
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